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North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic - Raleigh, NC

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North Carolina Comprehensive
Headache Clinic

2501 Atrium Drive, Suite 400
Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone: (919) 781-7423

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8am to 4pm

The Headache Experience

Dr. Matthews with PatientThe North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic is a neurology outpatient facility located in Raleigh, North Carolina close to Rex Hospital dedicated to the clinical care of the patient with headache as well as general neurological conditions. The Headache Clinic has treated patients with headache since 1993. We receive referrals from other physicians, academic institutions, and previous patients throughout North Carolina. We also accept self referrals. In the last eleven years, we have provided personal care in over 30,000 patient visits for headache.

We find that both complex and simple headache conditions are most effectively managed by personally seeing a neurologist who specializes in headache. We are long-standing members of the:


To schedule an appointment, please call 919-781-7423 and we will be glad to assist you.

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Our blog covers extensive information on the medical treatment of headache. Topics of interest to the patient with headache are covered: migraine, rare types of headache, sinus conditions and headache, self-treatment of headache, caffeine and headache, medication, alternative treatment, genetics of migraine, causes of headache, exercise and headache, and many others. Go to the blog by clicking on the link in the "Our Blog" box at left above.

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