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2007 Health and Healing Archive

Headache Links to Many Chronic Health Problems – “Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when one hears the phrase ‘chronic health conditions’ is headache,” says neurologist Charles Matthews of the North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic. “Millions suffer from headache pain- ranging from episodic bouts to incessant discomfort.  Headaches take many forms, have many different causes, and therefore require many kinds of treatments. >> learn more >>

Movement as Headache – When we learned that Dr. Charles Matthews, a neurologist and founder of the North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic, carefully prescribes exercise in the treatment of migraine headaches, we scheduled time to find out more about “movement as therapy.” >> learn more >>

Vitamin D and Headache – A few years ago, a patient asked a very interesting question.  Her question stuck with me over the years, and led to a lot of digging in the medical literature on my part in areas not usually associated with neurology.  As is often the case, I learned a lot from my patient in the process.  Her question was a simple one.  “Why are so many people getting headaches?” >> learn more >>

Women’s Health and Headache – Headache is more common in women than in men; at the Headache Clinic, the ratio is approximately seven to one. Why do women bear more of the burden of headache than men? Although headache generally is more common in women than in men, this is not true for all types of headache.   >> learn more >>

Headache Prevention – What causes headache?  The answer is, there is no single cause, but many causes of headache and facial pain.  Some conditions are immediately serious, such as infections and inflammatory conditions or tumors of the brain, eyes, sinuses, teeth, and neck.  Others are potentially serious, such as cerebral aneurysm. Others are related to previously unrecognized medical illness such as hormonal problems. >> learn more >>

What’s New in Headache Research and Treatment?  -- What’s new in the complex world of headache treatment?  Many things. And at the North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic, we are dedicated to putting that new understanding to work every day on behalf of our patients. >> learn more >>