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2009 Health and Healing Archive

Not Too Little and Not Too Much – I am a headache specialist. My neurologist colleagues often ask me, “Why would you want to treat headaches all day?”  And the first thing I think of is that our patients get well, and that is a pleasure. I enjoy it. But there is another reason that has to do with curiosity about how we human beings are put together.”  >> learn more >>

Seeking the Source of Headaches – Is finding the cause of headache basically a trial and error process?  Who better to answer that question than Dr. Charles Matthews, the founder of the North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic in Raleigh. The answer to the query, it turns out, is “yes and no.” >> learn more >>

Diabetes and Headache- Still a Medical Mystery – Does diabetes trigger migraines or other headaches? In a simpler world, that question might evoke an uncomplicated “yes” or “no” response. But the human body and mind are masterpieces of complexity that puzzle the most talented among us. >> learn more >>

Hormones and Headache: Views of an Expert – Dr. Charles Matthews doesn’t hesitate for a second to say that, over the past several decades, his patients have been invaluable teachers.  He is the founder and director of the North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic.  As it turns out, his patients have been especially instructive about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, as he reveals in this conversation:  >> learn more >>